Stay Primed.  

Priming, from behavioural psychology, is a well evidenced concept which posits that repeated exposure to stimulus in the short term has a direct influence on an individual’s behaviour in the long-term. In personal terms, this means that instantiating positive and affirmative thoughts in your mind, and equipping yourself with physical reminders that trigger these thoughts, will have very real, and inherently good consequences on your day-to-day being.  


Manifesting is the act of harnessing your energy with your aspirations, and with the universe. That is - aligning intention, energy and action, and creating the perfect conditions in your life that will allow for the fulfilment of your deepest goals; becoming the person you have always wished to be.

It is totally natural that often dealing with the stresses of everyday life causes a misalignment in our actions, intentions and aspirations, and so wearing a physical symbol of this alignment - one which chimes at the ideal frequency when struck - serves to pull your conscious mind back to the spiritual centre; where you can be guided to abundance, by a clear pathway to becoming your higher self. 


Be Present

Mindfulness is at the very core of a healthy conscious lifestyle. The goal is to live within moments where you find yourself enjoying complete clarity of action, and calm of mind. The practice of meditation is designed to help individuals find this state within themselves, and find techniques to return to it throughout the day. Similarly, we created DIAPASON. As a tool which helps us cut through the noise of daily distractions, clear our conscious minds, and seek some instantaneous calm.