Project Description 18.03 2020      

Artist: Mury

Titel: #newluxury  

The corona virus confirmed that a decent number of people still only care about their own well-being.

During my days of self-quarantine I used this new experience to stay productive and positive, directing my energy to create my new artwork called #newluxury which I present today in Berlins public area - the Brandenburger Tor.  

I don’t seek for a revolution, as I’ve been home for days and asked myself how I can help stimulate people to reflect on their behaviour. So I will be out at least for a few hours and give the people passing the time and personal explanation of my artwork. If you are near come, say hi and let’s have a meaningful conversation!

What is my message? 

To me the meaning of luxury is a scarce product - something not available for everyone! 

Its unbelievable to see people in a supermarket fighting over toilet paper. 

It became a metaphorical luxury product these days, through acts of egoism, which hinder us to overcome the current obstacles together. 

Let me explain you more with the words of Preetha Krishna.
Nature is a the greatest scientist. How do you think it experiments?
Basically it discards the species that is not supporting the whole.
And it has constantly experimented over millions of years. It has discarded the dinosaurs.
It has probably discarded the Saber Tooth tigers. It has discarded Ramapithecus.
It has discarded the Neanderthals.
A few of these species have survived for 200.000 years.
A few of them have also survived for 10 to 20 million years. 
The question here is how sure we are about the success of our species - the success of this human species? Are you sure we are going to survive forever? 
If we have to survive forever, that means we need to be beneficial for the whole. 
If you are not going to be beneficial for the whole, what would nature do? 
It would discard us. Are we being beneficial to the whole?

If you would have to have a conversation with the Earth - the great mother - what do you think the planet will tell us ? 

The Problem!
The current situation. Storing Toilet Paper is not the problem.
What is the problem ? The problem is our own consciousness.
We are living and experiencing life in separation.
We are living and experiencing life as though we are separating ourselves from everybody around us.
And this separation-driven consciousness has its own repercussions, evident in the world.
Therefore I am calling everybody to update our vision of luxury for a better HUMANITY.  

#newluxury is something everybody deserves to own and is free. 
#newluxury is compassion , love, gratitude, abundance, awareness etc. 

just naming a few. 

Come take my hand and create collective consciousness as #newluxury and share it with the world to inspire those who need to understand what’s going on. 

Spread love and compassion. 

After all this I still believe in a world with #newluxury values available for everyone. 

Thanks for your attention.
Wishing us all healing and sending my love.  

Titel #newluxury 
Location: Berlin, Brandenburger Tor 
Projectlead: creative consulting agency
Mediawork: creative consulting agency
Projectdocumentary: Social Media

Project AIM: collective consciousness  for HUMANITY 

If you are interested in buying this artwork please get in touch by email to 

The total proceeds of this artwork will be officially donated to our own non profit foundation, which helps orphans in Africa.