written.by is a forward-thinking, Berlin-based creative collective that specialises in holistic brand building and insight-driven consultancy.   

We apply expert knowledge with a personal touch, working with you to develop meaningful and lasting connections to your ever-growing community.

Authenticity and conscientiousness sit at the heart of our operation, and are the guiding principle that allow us to create captivating narratives, unforgettable experiences and desirable products - as well as guidance and lifestyle consulting for individuals.   

For us, the journey is part of the destination, and we seek to help you and your brand evolve, whilst remaining true to your original vision. 

It’s your story. written by both of us together ✍🏼        



The written.by store is a destination for curated or in-house produced goods that appeal to ideas, causes and spiritual entities far bigger than the sum of their material parts.

Because we see consumption without cause as tantamount to recklessness, we showcase only products and art which inspire a new way of thinking, creative revenue for charitable causes, and provide a platform for this new generation of conscious consumers and world-building creatives.