DIAPASON.® - conscious jewelry

DIAPASON. is more than a conscious jewelry brand.  

We create beautiful, wearable tools designed to harmonise the mind, the body and the spirit. 

The connection between mind and body is vital, and regardless of how you choose to define this link, what is clear to all is that patterns of thinking have the potential to greatly impact our emotional and physical well being. DIAPASON. are both multi-sensory tools and beautifully wearable jewelry; Made in Germany using only the finest, responsibly sourced materials. 

The sound DIAPASON. makes when struck, intentionally or otherwise, serves to disrupt negative, off-key thinking patterns, and draw attention back to our mind-body connection. Visually, it is a reminder to stay present, avoid negative thinking, and keep in-tune with life’s many symphonies.  

The word “DIAPASON” is derived from the Ancient Greek etymology “through all notes.” 

In musical terms, it is the name given to the ‘perfect octave:’ the standard by which the instruments that make up an orchestra are able to find harmony with one another.  

Over time the name DIAPASON. was ascribed to the humble tuning fork - a metal tool carried by musicians that, when struck, would resonate in the perfect octave to provide reference for the tuning of their instruments.  

Our DIAPASON. is born out of our desire to help people harmonise their thoughts, feelings and intentions with their physical and temporal states.

Crafted using the finest precious metals in a family-owned workshop in Southern Germany, our DIAPASON. pieces are hand-finished with gold or silver plating and engraving, by a master jeweler before being assembled by us in Berlin. 

Each DIAPASON. piece is then completed with a tanned, genuine-leather cord from South Tirol, the final step in a sustainable process which uses only independent, small-scale suppliers, all based in the same country - reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting local craftsmanship.

The journey of your DIAPASON. piece is defined by attention to detail and commitment to creating beautiful, timeless jewelry for everyday wear. As tools for reaching your truest potential, it is only right that DIAPASON. is a true embodiment of a conscious mindset, and so we commit 30% of all profits to the written.by foundation - an organisation supporting orphaned children in the Langa township in South Africa.