The DIAPASON. was created so you can tap into a free state of Consciousness ( become aware of yourself, your thoughts and emotions ). Every time you hear or look at the DIAPASON. , focus on your mind-body connection by focusing on the simplest, continuous, peaceful movement in our body - the breath.And smile, as this simple action will radically change your mindset.

The illusion:  we are seeking fulfillment in the future. The thing of prime importance of our lives, is always overlooked: the present moment. When we are absolutely present in the moment, the ego can’t survive; there’s only conscious presence. Practice this by savoring the very thing you are doing in that moment, when looking at or hearing the sound of your Diapason. Be mindful of that action, and be it breathing and gazing into the horizon only.

1. whenever you feel distracted or not focused, take your DIAPASON. and close your eyes
2. play it and zone in on the sound, your breath and make your intention (e.g. “I am going to let go now of what I am desperately trying to control”)
3. your thoughts will stop and go “nowhere”, which allows you to be “now here”
4. focus on your emotions and really feel through them

5. fill your heart with gratitude - the opposite of fear – the strongest feeling in our body