Taking a moment for yourself, and completely diving into the feeling of already having what you desire, with your mind, heart & emotions. Make this future your present state of mind, and transfer these thoughts to every cell in your body. Only then can your idea be manifested in reality.

1. answer: how will this be good for me & others? When I think about it, does it feel right?
Do I really want this with my heart? How will I benefit from having this?
2. get rid of things that stand in your way: negative thoughts & toxic people & timing
3. see, hear, smell, touch, taste (in your mind) what you want to manifest
4. take action if needed - show gratitude. Where you put your attention is where your energy goes
5. be totally aware of what you are manifesting, because every wish will become reality sooner or later
6. play your DIAPASON. and send your intention into the uni-verse (we all manifest on 440hz)